Holi Party Ideas

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Holi, the most awaited and the most colorful festival is approaching us and here we are in a fix as to how well we can celebrate the festival and make memories that will last for lifetime. People generally have different ways of celebrating this vibrant festival. Some prefer it loud and joyous while others prefer it to be decent and ecstatic. Here with the help of this article we would like to help you with some holi party ideas that could add flavors to your plans.

Outdoor Holi Party Ideas

If you are willing to organize a Holi party at your lawn, backyard or in an open space then you can spice up your party adding following ideas –

  • Water balloon- using water filled balloons in a Holi party is an evergreen idea which is an actual fund to do.
  • Music and buzz- for people who love loud parties with friends and families, music is a must. Set your playlist forehand and there you are ready to rock and roll the party.
  • DJs and dance- if you are planning for an extravagant Holi party a DJ is something you can plan for. People gathering at the party will have so much fun with this.
  • Interesting games– Now there could be a list of games that one can add to one’s Holi party. Games are always of personal choice but some of the famous games that one can opt for are musical chairs, color battles, dance face offs and alot more. 
  • Rain dance party- if you are someone who loves rain parties then including this in your Holy celebration will be a 10 on 10.
  • Pool party- An alternative to rain dance party could be a pool party where you along with your friends and family can choose the area where you have the facility of getting a pool and enjoy to the fullest.
  • Pichkari Fun- Holi and Pichkari is a heart and soul combination. No Holi celebration is complete without pichkaris. 

Minimal Holi

There are also people who love Holi celebration but not in a loud way. We have a list of ideas for mild Holi parties as well –

  • Gulal- It is the dry color and its little usage is best advised for those who like minimal Holi  colors.
  • Flowers Holi- generally people tend to avoid harsh colors on themselves. Thereby playing Holi with flower petals of different colors is the best option for them.

Holi Party in Swag

Now once you have organized a Holi party, you may add up things and make it look more vibrant if you opt for themes. Following suggestions may workout if you are planning a team Holi party-

  • Traditional Holi- One may keep everything as per the tradition that one follows. In India each region has its own way of celebration and going by that way is how we celebrate traditional Holi.
  • Bollywood style- being in the get up of your most admired Bollywood celebrity while enjoying the Holi party could be real fun. 
  • White attire- starting the celebration in a clean white attire and getting all coloured by your friends and loved ones could be a different scene. 
  • Themed T-shirts – You may get a similar yet unique set of T-shirts for all your friends and family with whom you are going to celebrate Holi. This could make your group stand out from everyone else.
  •  Holi themed photo booth- Make a separate section in your Holi party where people can get themselves clicked. Photos at a party are a must.
  • DIYs- You may engage your friends and family and various activities and enjoy Holi celebration in a different style. You may go for rangoli making, on the spot card making, crafts making and a lot more.
  • Giveaways – Giving small and memorable gifts to your loved ones will make them remember your party for a long time. Gifts could be anything like small perfume bottles, some edible bouquets, chocolate hampers etc.

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Holi Party Ideas for kids

While planning for a Holi party you must be very cautious if you are planning to involve kids in your party. Kids are very sensitive and special care has to be taken so that they enjoy as well as they are taken care of. 

  • Harsh colors on kids should be avoided and organic colors should be included for their safety. 
  • It is advised for kids to wear glasses while playing Holi so that the eyes stay protected.
  • Involve kids in a group of their age and arrange interesting games for them.
  • Food is always fun for kids. Get them their favorite snacks and some healthy drinks to uplift their Holi celebration.

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Food and Fun

We all know that no celebration is complete without food. People have their own preferences when it comes to food but there are certain food items that are most famous as Holi food. If we start talking about it the list will go on endlessly but few of most famous Holi edibles are-

  • Gujia
  • Dahi vada
  • Thandai (with/without bhaang)
  • Fruit salad
  • Dry fruits 
  • Snacks 

Holi is a festival of colors, celebration, togetherness, love, laughter, happiness and ecstasy. Get your friends, family , loved ones together and celebrate Holi, organize Holi parties and make your celebration worth remembering. Wishing you all a Happy and safe Holi. 


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