Do morning dreams come true?

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“Dreams are expressions of deep thoughts buried in our subconscious mind”. Dreams of morning often happen with the sense that your brain is awake & conscious.They stick in your memory more than other dreams.

Your morning dreams can be a demonstration of your positive or negative thoughts, stress, aspirations or negligence of more important things. Some people may find vivid dreams distressing. We are here to share some general notions regarding the morning dreams.

Morning Dreams

Do morning dreams come true?

  • Dreams usually occur during sound sleep when our body and mind is relaxed. Our brain can get quite creative and ingenious during it which leads to vivid dreams.
  • Morning dreams are true only when it’s a good dream as bad dreams can be a reflection of fear or negative conceptions.
  • Early morning dreams relate to the present so it is generally felt to come true.
  • Everyday we tend to encounter numerous different situations as a result we come up with an observation & their logical solution which is connected to morning dreams.
  • There is nothing that they foretell or predict.   

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Early morning bad dreams meaning

  • Some believe that bad dreams (do morning dreams come true) can be caused by stress ,anxiety or a sign of a messed up sleep schedule.
  • There are many possible interpretations of bad dreams, as they can vary depending on the individual and their personal experiences.
  • Bad dreams can be a way for the subconscious mind to process and work through difficult experiences.
  • In general bad dreams don’t imply that something unfortunate is going to happen.

Are vivid dreams a sign of mental illness?

  • Generally having a vivid dream (do morning dreams come true) once in a while isn’t concerning but if it is frequent and  interfering with your daily life,it can be harmful to your health and well being.
  • Vivid dreams in general don’t prove that the person is suffering from any type of mental illness.
  • During stress, dreams tend to be more vivid. But vivid dreams can be a sign of stress ,anxiety ,emotional trauma or depression. They can affect the quality of your life if they are distressing or persistent. 
  • A doctor’s consultation is recommended in that case. Changing your lifestyle can also provide help in reducing such dreams.

Dream of being half dressed

Friends, if any one of you had a dream of being half dressed, then it can refer to:

  • you need to have a balance in your lifestyle.
  • you need to fix something in your life.
  • long awaited changes, that are required in life.

Dream of being a passenger in an airplane

If one has a dream of being a passenger in an airplane then the dream points to:

  • a sense of independence
  • adventure in your life
  • exploration to be done

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Dream of Shivling

The dream of Shiv has several meanings to convey. It is important to note that the color of Shivling defines the nature of the dream. Friends, in general the dream of Shivling is a consequence of good Karmas. It is an indication of upcoming prosperity and the arrival of good times.

Dream of God

If one has a dream of God, the dream is likely to be related to the spiritual beliefs. The dream can also be related to the actions one does in their day-to-day life.

In conclusion, morning dreams (do morning dreams come true), good or bad, are just an imaginative work of our subconscious mind. There is no scientific research that supports the idea that dreams can predict the future. So live life to the fullest without worrying about the future.

Dream of water inside the house

Friends, if you see a dream of water inside the house, it means you are somehow not able to handle your emotions. The dream may be related to some external factor or tension that is causing a surge in your emotions.

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